Every new beginning starts with the first step

Beginning a weight loss journey can be an arduous process.  It is full of stalls, excuses and plenty of reasons to become unmotivated.  Perhaps the hardest part is feeling as though you’re going through it alone.  You’re not alone though, far from it.  There’s a ton of people who at this very moment, are looking to improve their health and well-being.  They are in gyms, exercising at home, going to the supermarket and deliberating over what to buy that is healthy instead of what they’ve become accustomed to.  Even those who, like you, are crawling the internet looking for answers, inspiration, motivation.

Nothing good comes of waiting, that much is certain.  The first step is always to make a plan, but plans mean nothing without the willpower to carry them out.  That’s why this particular first step is so important.  The planning stage operates quite a bit like writing an outline.  You must gather research first, find the things you think will fit nicely into your lifestyle and the time you have to devote to weight loss.  Thanks to the instant availability of information online, getting research done is easier than it ever was.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that movement is important, as long as you’re getting exercise of any kind over and above your normal activities, you’re making a step in the right direction.  Consciously eating better is another easy one, because you know the kinds of foods that are bad for you, but we eat them anyway because we crave them.  Willpower training is possibly the hardest of all, but once you build that up, nothing stands in the way of your health.

When I began my weight loss journey, I was too self conscious to publish anything online, I didn’t think anyone would want to hear the words of an overweight girl in her mid-twenties who struggled with nearly every aspect of life.  It seemed as though everything I tried was against me, and it only made me eat more often out of sadness, and then more still out of guilt, and the guilt brought about more unhappiness.  It was a vicious cycle that for a long time I couldn’t see my way out of.  
I tried various diets, and began to take up jogging.  Not so much jogging as really fast walking.  The diets would eventually leave me at a plateau that had me frustrated that the numbers on the scale refused to budge.  I know now that being a scale watcher is actually a terrible thing, and serves nothing more than to sever willpower.  When I was out “jogging” I’d get so sticky and sweaty, I came home wanting nothing more than a shower, but my body felt so energized and aware.  Due to the issues with scale watching, I always eventually gave up.  I’d find reasons not to jog, and justify buying food that was bad for me but lying to myself wasn’t getting me any thinner.

Until this last time.  Eventually, something just clicks.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a diet and exercise regimen that will fit the life you already have, not the one you’re hoping to live someday.  Idealism is a great thing in moderation, but it’s important not to take on too much too fast, or you risk giving it all up at once when it becomes overwhelming.  Change, real change, the kind that affects your life in every aspect takes time, so don’t rush it.  

What I found, was a lot of information online.  There were forums, blogs, posts by people who were suffering the same struggles as I, and I found solace where I felt so alone before.  It is my hope that this blog helps to serve others by helping them find resources that I found useful in my own journey.  I have gone from wearing size 22 pants, to a size 6.  I’m still not sure about wearing a bikini but I am also certain that it’s all in my head, and too many years of being self conscious.  My journey is far from over, but hopefully this is a beautiful beginning to your own.


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